About Diane

Marketing Professional Diane Vautier with a Green Streak

Maybe you’ve already met me around the Social Media campus.  If you have, you know that I’m an entrepreneurial minded  marketer with solid business as well as agency and in-house marketing experience.  I’m also an inbound marketing certified marketer (via HubSpot).

If you’ve interacted with me professionally, you can tell I’m well-rounded and innovative with a proven history of new business development, improving operational performance, and successful client retention.  I maintain a firm understanding of multiple business structures from small start-ups to publicly-traded national corporations in B2B and B2C environments.

I’m also an enviro-friendly, green-living enthusiast.  A true Yankee at heart,  I  follow the mantra of reduce, reuse, and recycle.  I’m loving the concept of Solar and other sustainable energy resources, enjoying home cooking, teaching about herbs, learning the art of crafting beautifully finished gourds, and celebrating the gifts of the earth.  It’s all part of exploring simple paths to a fuller lifestyle.


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