You know that old saying that cobbler’s kids always have shoes badly in need of repair? The cobbler is so busy mending the shoes of others that they don’t have time to repair those of their own family.

Well, that’s kind of how I’ve been feeling lately about adding new marketing related blog posts to my blog. I’m sorely in need of new content.

So, for lack of time, I’m going to cheat a little. I’m going to borrow some shoes that I’ve already mended so to speak. Here’s a list of some marketing blog posts that I’ve recently written for the company I work for, ActiveEdge. If you don’t follow their RSS blog feed and haven’t already read them, then this will be like new content. Lame I know, but hey, better than not sharing anything, right?

I promise to add more original content again soon.

A Case of the Cobblers Kids Shoes (but only with Marketing Blog Posts Instead)
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