Lesley Lambert at PodCamp Boston (#pcb5) talking about Twitter Queens.

When I attended PodCamp Boston this past September, I knew that I would learn a lot of new things and meet some amazing people. What I didn’t know was that I would become a Twitter Queen.

A what?

A Twitter Queen (that’s hashtag #TwitterQueens as they say on Twitter).  As sometimes is the case with Twitter, chance conversations can spark ideas, interaction and/or action and the #TwitterQueens hashtag is the perfect example of that. One of the Twitter Queen originators, Lesley Lambert explains that what started as casual online conversation has blossomed into an International networking group where women and men connect, share and learn.

Whether you are looking for light banter, an exchange of resources or even to coordinate an impromptu meetup when you are traveling, it is likely that you can find a #TwitterQueen ready to connect.

According to Lesley, there are no rules or applications for membership, just an eagerness to be social and share. You can listen in to what the #TwitterQueens hashtag is all about on Twitter. Simply start a search with #TwitterQueens as the search string and watch who is engaging and what they’re doing and saying. Then jump in.

What’s a #TwitterQueen?
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