My computer in a reconstructed laptop sleeve with blue flannel liner and velcro fastener. Made from a PodCamp New Hampshire t-shirt.

PodCamp’s are exciting. They stimulate my mind with new technology tips, marketing strategies, and new approaches to just about everything under the sun.  This year’s PodCamp NH was no exception.

In the days following PodCamp NH though, I took my post event enthusiasm in a completely non-technology direction. Influenced by presenter Renee Bouchard @ReneeTBouchard, who led a session on Fashion and Style Blogging, I went rogue and came up with some creative t-shirt reconstruction projects.  Event t-shirts never ever fit right anyway, even the PodCamp ones (even wonderfully designed ones by Amanda Narcisi @alnarcisi)

Now, I’m no seamstress but I do love a fun project. The fact that repurposing a t-shirt is a great example of being green by re-using materials is a huge bonus for me. It lets me be green and geeky at the same time.

First I Googled for directions. Not a seamstress = need directions. I found this really great video on how to make yoga pants from t-shirts from Jennifer at Cut Out and Keep. Perfect.  Thanks to Jennifer’s very clear direction in her Talk to Me Tuesday video I finished up the yoga pants in no time.  She’s awesome, check out her Youtube Channel, ofenjen for other ideas too.

For the yoga pants, I used the PodCamp NH 2009 t-shirt which had a smaller logo on the front and sponsors listed on the back.  Now the logo sits nicely on the right hip of the pants and the list of sponsors ends up on the butt. Hey, don’t laugh. As a micro sponsor my name is on the butt too.

Front of sleeve

The next project was even more fun. I decided to make a laptop sleeve for my computer. I used the PodCamp NH 2010 t-shirt with a big logo on the front for this.  Over at Sew, Mamma, Sew I found directions on how to make a padded computer sleeve. The directions were great, but I made one tweak to them since the fabric I was using was stretchy t-shirt material.  I added a layer of fusable crafter interfacing to stabilize the jersey material on the outside of the laptop case.  It turned out to be a good idea and gave it a bit more structure.

Back of sleeve

If you really like the idea of making a laptop sleeve from a t-shirt, but just don’t have the energy to make your own, there’s an awesome company that will make it for you.  Hello Rewind is not only creative, but socially conscious too. Their two-fold vision is to recycle old, beloved t-shirts and then use profits to support sex trafficking survivors in New York City. How awesome is that?

So, what’s next? Well, PodCamp NH staff (thanks Kevin Micalazzi @kevinmic) was kind enough to let me take the left over t-shirts from the event. I’m hoping to use some t-shirts to reconstruct a few things as door prizes for next year’s attendees.  I’m sure there will at least be one pair of yoga pants and a few laptop sleeves (hopefully with the logos facing in the right direction).  If you have any ideas or requests, please let me know. I’m open to any reasonable type of t-shirt reconstruction suggestion out there. Leave a comment and/or link if you have a great idea.  See you next year at PodCamp NH.

Reconstructing PodCamp New Hampshire
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4 thoughts on “Reconstructing PodCamp New Hampshire

  • November 1, 2010 at 7:50 am

    What a great idea. I was thinking of doing one Tshirt with the logos of all the pod camps-bar camps and other events I’ve gone to. I love that lap top sleeve too…. LOL very cool idea.

  • November 1, 2010 at 8:46 am

    These are so cool! What a great way to reuse t-shirts that never get worn… Now I’m thinking about doing something similar for all my old concert tees too… or grab old concert tees from friends and turn them into awesome Christmas gifts ;o)

  • November 4, 2010 at 9:18 am

    Diane!! These are fantastic…What a great keepsake!!!!

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