Marketing and eco-friendly living. At first glance, they just don’t seem to have anything in common. Marketing promotes consumerism. Eco-friendly living promotes conservation. They seem to be mutually exclusive, yet it is at the very crossroads of these two divergent constructs that I live my life.

If the old saying “how you spend your days is how you spend your life” is true, then marketing is definitely a big part of my life.  I’ve been a marketer since completing undergraduate school way back in the day so it is, in fact, how I spend my days and therefore, my life.

The eco-friendly part of me may have more to do with genetics than anything else. I come from a blue-collar, Yankee New England family. It’s born into me, or me into it. Well, at least the frugal part which is a core component of green living. Use only what you need.

The long-standing dilemma for me has been how to combine the two seemingly conflicting aspects of my personal and professional lives. They didn’t seem to be able to co-exist until just recently.

Over the past few years, the eco-friendly trend has been catching on. Individuals and businesses alike are learning to ‘go green’. In some cases, it’s even become a competitive advantage for companies looking to tap into the good will of the blossoming green industry.

My niche? Green Marketing. Combining solid marketing initiatives with sustainable business practices. It’s genius. Both business and the environment gain benefits from this unlikely pairing. And me? I get to combine my professional skill set with my personal passion. Like I said. Genius.

For businesses, frugality pays off. Finding ways to use less energy and minimizing waste saves the company money. The benefits to the environment are even better. Less energy being harvested from limited fossil fuel sources, less absorption of waste, and a gentler use of all resources.

How does this translate professionally for someone like me, a newly declared green marketer? It will be interesting to watch it play out. The answer will lie in businesses themselves. Are they truly walking the green path or just talking a good sustainability game?

I’ll keep you posted as I find out the answer.

Green Marketing. Combining Marketing Initiatives with Sustainable Business Practices
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One thought on “Green Marketing. Combining Marketing Initiatives with Sustainable Business Practices

  • November 23, 2010 at 4:06 pm


    I met you last year as a green gal who is a passionate marketer. I’m delighted to read that you have now combined your two interests — I know it will make for an incredible combination in your work. I’ll be keeping an eye out for all your successes.

    Wishing you all the best …

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