I’m not a big fan of Christmas. There is too much commercialism, family drama, and what I’ve come to see as a total hijacking of spirituality.  Some may consider my attitude toward Christmas as being very Grinch-like. I just see it as getting through the season as best as I can, which is just barely. But the Grinch comment got me thinking of a way to help me enjoy it just a little bit more.

I figured if I was a Grinch, then there had to be others like me. So, I searched for the Grinch on Twitter. I found him. Excellent, let’s see who else is here. I searched for Santa, and found him too. In fact I found several versions of him. Now I got excited, so I started searching for the names of a bunch of characters from holidays past. Here’s what I found.

Santa Claus




Yukon C.


The Grinch

SCROOGE and THE GRINCH(kind of the same)

It turns out, the holiday spirit is alive and well on Twitter. Some of these accounts are more active than others, and one @loadedsanta is bit racy, so be alert if you decide to follow it. Can you believe Scrooge is actually a Verified Twitter Account? How does that happen? What great fun to see so many characters represented on Social Media.

I feel like the Grinch whose heart grew ten sizes on Christmas Day. I’m softening. I think I’m going to go strike up some conversations on Twitter with some of my favorite holiday characters. Gosh I hope Santa remembers me (fingers crossed).

Who did I miss? Add other names of characters you’ve found on Twitter. It would be great to expand the list.

A Grinch Christmas Tale on Twitter
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