MTV logoRemember MTV? Remember when there were actual music videos on MTV? Maybe you’re not old enough, but I distinctly remember when My MTV was “All Music, All the Time, Without Interruptions”.

Then it happened. Advertising found a way to infiltrate the purity of the world’s only music channel. Don’t get me wrong, I’m OK with advertising to a certain point, after all I’m a marketer.  But at the moment when advertising, and then television programming, accounted for more airtime than the actual music, it lost its mystique. MTV had lost that certain special something that had made it hip, cool and totally awesome.  It became just another channel.

Twitter LogoFast forward to today, when Twitter is that really interesting, new and novel technology. It’s a totally new communication medium that has a certain special ‘it’ factor all its’ own.  Twitter isn’t for everyone; the number of users lags behind giants like Facebook, but it does have staunch followers that speak their own language, follow new rules of connecting and most notably are loyal and influential. Much like the MTV viewers of the early 1980’s.  Much like me.

And just as I was a devoted fan of MTV back-in-the-day, I’m a faithful follower of Twitter today. Twitter has been a rich source of content with strong influence and authentic participants. I’ve met some incredible people who’ve added substantially to my world both personally and professionally. It’s been an incredible source of information, news, and networking. It’s been downright neighborly.

But, I’m starting to see cracks. Go online today and mention a top brand in your tweet and watch what happens. Within minutes you may be accosted with tweet bots inviting you to buy it, try it, or interact with it. The “it” being whatever it was you just mentioned. The intrusive robot tweets are generic, superficial, and totally distracting. It’s the same old hard-sell that I really thought the Twitter community was above. Apparently not.

I get it, it’s advertising, and advertising always finds a way to follow the cool factor and find the money. But on a personal level, I’m disappointed. The purity of the medium has made it so cool that the masses are adopting and changing the core of the community itself.  Like all good things, it cannot stay the same.

So what will happen to Twitter? How will it mature, change and grow? I’m not sure, but I’m hoping that it doesn’t become so overrun with automated marketing efforts that all sense of content value is lost.  Can you imagine it?

I want my Twitter like I want my MTV: All Tweets, All the Time, Without Interruptions.

Please share your thoughts. I can’t be the only one who want’s this, can I? Say it with me “I Want My Twitter: All Tweets, All the Time, Without Interruptions”.

I Want My Twitter Like I Want My MTV
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One thought on “I Want My Twitter Like I Want My MTV

  • August 2, 2011 at 4:15 pm

    The worst is when you follow someone back and you start getting DMs telling you how to make thousands working from home. I unfollowed the girl, but its a shame because her feed appeared to be legit otherwise.

    The problem is, there really aren’t any guidelines for how to use twitter. So some people’s feed are cluttered with foursquare notifications or their latest facebook update. I think to stay relevant some sort of twitter etiquette will have to follow.

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