If you’re a builder or even a handy homeowner in need of some budget conscience repairs, you may be interested to learn about the newest building supply store with bargain basement prices – ReStore.

ReStore, an ingenious idea of Habitat for Humanity, is the go-to resource to find overstock, closeout and used building material items and home improvement supplies. It’s a new gem in Seacoast NH’s eco-friendly, green crown. The newly opened Restore in Newington, NH was orchestrated by the Southeast New Hampshire Habitat for Humanity.

Situated in a former Roller Skating Rink in Newington, NH, just outside the Fox Run Mall, customers can still catch glimpses of the former roller rink’s character in the leftover, neon wall colors and bright blue painted rink floor. The ambiance makes perfect sense for a store designed to be a haven of reduce, reuse, recycle.

In addition to being a retail store open to the public, ReStore also accepts donations of building materials, furniture, appliances, and of course, cash.  You can check their site for a list of acceptable donation items and how to best coordinate drop off.  If you are more ambitious and would like to get involved, there are number of ReStore volunteer positions available.

When I visited the new ReStore , I found the prices to be very reasonable, and they stock a wide selection of items to choose from, but like any closeout or discontinued items store, it’s a hit or miss scenario. You need an attitude of openness and a spirit of creative adventure. You don’t know what you’ll find, but chances are you’ll find something, and it just may be the perfect fit for what you’re working on.

Check it out:

29 Fox Run Road, Newington NH
(the former roller rink near Walmart)
Open Tuesday – Saturday 9am to 5pm.

ReStore: The Go-To Resource for Overstock, Closeout and Used Building Material and Home Improvement Supplies
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