Book planterI made this book planter as a thank you gift for a friend of mine who happens to be a library director. She had invited me to speak on the topic of  “social media and libraries” for a tri-county librarians collaborative, and I thought this would be the perfect ‘thank you’ gift.  It was a risk though.  Either she would love it because it was a creative reuse of a published book, or she would hate it because I defaced the very thing that she loves, a perfectly good book.

Fortunately she thought it was great idea and a welcomed gift. Here’s how to make your own book planter for you or your favorite book worm.

  1. Find a thick book to make a book planterFirst get a big, fat, book. I went to my local library‘s used book store and picked up one for $1. What a steal. Sorry Tom Clancy, but your verbosity is my gain.
  2. Remove the dust cover if it has one.
  3. Using a hole saw drill bit, drill a hole in the book. I placed mine a bit off center. Drilling will take a while to get through the cover and then the pages. Book Planter - Drill a holeDrill down as far as you need to to fit the container, but don’t go through the back cover. Make sure you hold the book tightly so the drill can go through the pages without tearing them. My hole saw bit also has a drill in the center, which helped keep it stable and prevented it from skipping along the surface of the book while I drilled.
  4. Cut a hole in the book dust cover Place the dust cover back on the book and use your finger to rub the edge so that it marks the hole opening. Remove the dust cover and cut the rub marked line with a utility knife so it matches the hole in the book. Replace the dust cover.
  5. Choose a container that won’t leak into the book when you water it. I used a small container that I re-purposed Book Planter - place the container in the drilled holefrom the grocery store deli. It fit the 4″ hole that I drilled perfectly. You may want to measure and/or test the size first so it’s a nice snug fit.
  6. Place the plant of your choice in the plastic container. I chose an ivy like plant that draped over the edge of the book. I added a bit of sheet moss under the leaves to cover the soil.
  7. Planter made from a repurposed bookPlace the plant (in the reused deli container) in the drilled hole and voilà, you’re done!

I wish I had kept some of my old graduate school text books. Those were plenty thick enough to make great planters, were topic specific to my profession, and would have made me feel so much better about the price I paid for them. I’ll have to check the basement to see if I have any tucked away still.



How to Make a Book Planter
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2 thoughts on “How to Make a Book Planter

  • December 5, 2012 at 10:57 am

    Nice job Matt. They look great! I gave the book planter I made to the director of a local library as a thank you for asking me to speak to their library group about social media.

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